Sandsaver Beach Erosion Solution

Based on previously proven technology, the Sandsaver innovates where other traditionally accepted beach erosion solutions come up short.  Working by 2 means, by breaking down the energy of the surf as the waves crash against the modules and then by forcing the sand to travel to the beach side of the module by either coming over the module in the surf activity or by the large tapered opening on the surf side of the module.   The smaller opening on the beach side of the module allows the sand and sediment time to settle on the surf side as it is more difficult for the surf to retreat back out and away.  The accumulated sand thus increases the size and profile of the beach.  This natural beach re-nourishment process is far less dangerous to localized animals, sea life and fauna residing in the beaches eco-system than historically accepted methods such as beach dredging.    

Indian Ocean Beach Erosion Solution
Sandsavers re-nourishing beach front property on the Indian Ocean


How does Sandsaver solve beach erosion?

Sandsaver takes a dual faceted approach in protecting and rebuilding beach front and coastal property.  The modules are installed typically around the low tide line.  With the larger opening facing the surf, while the smaller opening of the tapered thru hole faces the beach side of the module.  With the filled module in place, the wave activity crashes against the modules, allowing sand and wave activity to travel over the modules or thru the tapered openings.  This allows for the sand to travel to the beach side of the module, while the escaping surf retreats back out into the water, giving the sand and sediment time to settle.  This repetitive, natural process allows for the beach to be built back naturally, eventually covering the Sandsaver modules.  

Watch the video below for a brief explanation as to how the Sandsaver beach erosion solution works!

Sandsaver Beach Erosion Solution

Beach erosion is a global issue plaguing coastal communities all over the globe. Beach erosion routinely causes billions of dollars in damage and property loss each year. For decades, communities have been fighting the challenges brought on by mother nature and the surf. Each year in the United States billions of dollars are spent at various government levels in effort to protect and renourish beaches and coastal property. Beach dredging, described by the United States Parks departments as a “unending task” where sediment and sand is removed from one area and then transported up on the beach surface in effort to counteract the erosion. Unfortunately, a growing number of communities seem to be stuck in this cycle of virtual “insanity” by regularly dredging the beach to renourish the sand, only to find it to wash away nearly as fast into the surf, only to start the process all over again at a later date, typically with increased costs and temporary results. Learn more about the innovative beach erosion solution, Sandsaver in the video below!

Features of Sandsaver Beach Erosion Barrier

  • Sandsaver is the only modular system, that promotes beach accretion, while preventing beach erosion.
  • Rotationally Molded from nearly indestructible, Food Grade Polyethylene.
  • Modular design for simple installation, no chains or rebar required.
  • Inexpensive and re-usable in comparison to alternative/currently accepted beach restoration methods.
  • Sandsaver is molded from Polyethylene, which is 100% recyclable.
  • Sandsaver, drastically reduces the carbon footprint of most Beach Restoration projects, by not requiring numerous, gas guzzling Barges.
  • Sandsaver, can be re-used multiple times, for multiple installs, in multiple locations, if so desired. Or the system can be left in place permanently.
  • Environmentally friendly, will not deteriorate, nor will the units “take in” any Sea Turtles or other living organisms, unlike any type of Dredging barges.
  • Each module weighs approximately 5200 pounds when full; Not light weight or easily moved; Tornados/Hurricanes would have to have unheard of speeds to move a module due to the weight. Contingent upon the length of the installation, the weight of the system increases drastically.
  • Tapered through holes with larger opening exposed closest to surf, for easier transport to beach side of module.
  • Will not leave exposed concrete, rocks, wood, or other materials that could be potentially dangerous to those utilizing the beach, alleviating those safety concerns.
  • Modular system allows for as much or as little Beach re-nourishment as needed.
  • Protected by US and International Patents
  • Proudly manufactured in the United States of America.

Rotomolding and Sandsaver

The Sandsaver is a patented, rotationally molded product manufactured by internationally recognized rotational moulding leader, Granger Plastics Company. The Sandsaver benefits from the rotomolding process by being incredibly durable, as the rotational molding process induces little to no stress into the product during manufacturing. This durability is a critical component of the Sandsavers ability to stand up to Mother Nature’s inclement elements, weather conditions and never ending wave energy. See a brief demonstration of how durable the rotationally molded Sandsaver products are in the video below as you see the beach erosion barriers standing up to various surf activities.

The rotational molding process produces some of the most durable plastic products manufactured. Common rotationally molded items include playground equipment, agricultural tanks, tornado shelters and more. The rotational molding process is a specialized manufacturing process that induces little to no stress into the products thru the molding process. Learn more about rotational moulding and the process by clicking here.

Sandsaver Installations

The Sandsaver has been installed in a variety of surf and tide scenarios. From producing positive results in a low-surf environment being installed on a Gulf of Mexico intracoastal waterway to seeing regular large tide and surf activity in the Indian Ocean, the Sandsaver continues to prove as a viable beach renourishment alternative. Learn more details about the Sandsaver Beach Erosion Solution Installations by clicking the links below:

Sandsaver Beach Erosion Solution Installation in the Gulf of Mexico

Sandsaver Beach Erosion Solution Installation in the Indian Ocean

Sandsaver Beach Erosion Solution Installation in Lake Michigan

Sandsaver Informational Literature

Click the Sandsaver image below to open/download the informational PDF file on the Sandsaver beach erosion solution.

Sandsaver Beach Erosion Solution Information

Sandsaver Beach Erosion Solution Information

Sandsaver Lake Michigan Third Party Report

Learn more details and information about the Sandsaver Lake Michigan installation, where the system was originally permitted by the State of Michigan for a trial installation of (3) years, however the USACE consumed nearly (1) year of the previously permitted installation period, which reduced the installation by 33% and limited the scope of the installation to (5) surveys instead of (7), thus limiting and minimizing the “unambiguously positive results” during a period of historically low water levels.  Read the third party report and see the surveys in the PDF report below.  

Click the image below of the Lake Michigan Beach Erosion Solution Third Party Report to download the full report

Lake Michigan Great Lakes Beach Erosion Solution Report


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