Beaches Saved by Sandsaver’s Beach Erosion Solution

Proven as an effective alternative to the traditionally and historically accepted methods of beach protection, re-nourishment and dredging.  Sandsaver offers a long term, natural solution to coastal erosion issues that have plagued communities for centuries.  With current rising water levels all around the World, beach erosion is an ever concerning issue to global economies and environments. 

Gulf of Mexico

The Sandsaver modules were installed in a low-surf environment on the Gulf of Mexico in August.  Because of the low-surf, special consideration had to be given to the location and placement of the modules in the shore parallel installation orientation and because a breakwater immediately existed adjacent to the systems installation location.  The units were filled with concrete for optimum performance.  The availability of heavy equipment also made installation of the Sandsaver units relatively quick. 

Sandsavers beings installed to build & save a Gulf of Mexico Beach

Inside of 10 weeks of being installed in this particular stretch of Gulf of Mexico’s low surf environment, the modules were showing to be near 50 percent covered on the beach side of the Sandsaver module already. This was a good sign that the modules were performing well in building sand in the low surf system.

Sandsaver modules over half covered in Gulf of Mexico

The installation continues to build sand on both sides of the modules as the days, weeks and months pass. The modules have continued to prove effective, even when standing tall to multiple tests of hurricanes and tropical storms thru the Gulf. Adjacent properties are experiencing increased sand volumes as witnessed by the sand accumulation under the neighbors walkway into the Gulf of Mexico on one end of the system, while the other end shows increased sand accumulation around the bulkhead.

Just prior to Sandsavers being installed in this Gulf of Mexico location
Just shy of 1 year after Sandsavers installation in this Gulf of Mexico location

We have more photos and information about the Gulf of Mexico Sandsaver installation available here.

Indian Ocean

An award winning, 5 star resort on the Indian Ocean had faced beach erosion issues for years. After obtaining the proper permits and trying a number of other traditionally accepted methods with no success, the resort opted to install the Sandsaver beach erosion solution, in effort to protect the beach and possibly re-nourish sand to its property. Because of the time frame, tide chart and limited equipment access, the modules were going to require being installed by hand, while utilizing sand instead of concrete to fill the units.

Indian Ocean Beach Being Saved from Beach Erosion by Sandsavers.
Installing Sandsavers thru the night during low tide on the Indian Ocean

Since the installation location is close to the equator the systems performance is greatly effected by the trade winds. Because the time of the year that the system was installed, it has more sand covering the north end of the system than the south end. The entire length of the Sandsaver installation has experienced a great deal of sand accretion since the beach erosion barriers have been installed on the opulent, Indian Ocean beach. The width profile has increased over 150 feet in many areas of the beach already.

Sandsavers nears complete coverage on Indian Ocean installation

The Sandsavers have performed extremely well in the high surf environment provided by the Indian Ocean installation location. It is an extremely conservative estimate that the Sandsavers have accumulated over 30,000 cubic yards of sand after only 6 months of being installed. You will notice the immediate benefits that Sandsaver has provided to all over the property South of the installation. North of the system since installation, width gains easily 200 feet on adjacent property. The system has also provided some benefit in daily seaweed clean up on the resorts beach front property.

Sandsaver’s beach erosion solution performance on the Indian Ocean

The system has performed so well in fact studies are being ordered by governmental entities in effort to suggest it to be a solution to solve thousands of miles of erosion issues for one continent alone. The resort ownership is so pleased with the systems current performance, they modified the south end of the system in effort to provide an additional resort feature for future guests. Read more details, see more pictures and video at the Indian Ocean Beach erosion solution installation page.

Lake Michigan (Great Lakes)

Sandsaver’s pilot installation was in Lake Michigan of the famed United States Great Lakes. A church camp was experiencing extreme amounts of erosion and continued threats at the time were greatly endangering property and shoreline. A fact to note, the units were installed during periods of historically low water levels. Which water, wave activity and sand content are some of the leading contributors necessary for Sandsavers success. The units were installed in a shore parallel orientation, after preliminary surveys were taken.

lake Michigan Sandsaver Beach Erosion Solution Installation
Sandsaver Beach Erosion Solution Installed in Lake Michigan

Because of the historically low water levels and relatively inactive storm season the first year, the sand accretion steadily maintained positive thru the course of the first year, but wasn’t as fast as the Kenya Sandsaver Beach Erosion Solution installation as viewed above. The Sandsaver modules were filled with a mixture of sand and water- a very dangerous combination and against the manufacturer’s suggestions. However, enough sand and sediment content mixture was achieved for most of the installed modules. Demonstrated in the third party reports, the system provided unambiguously positive results.

Sandsaver installed in Lake Michigan Great Lakes
Sandsaver nearing complete submersion installed in Lake Michigan

The positive results in Lake Michigan fueled the continual push and fight for Sandsaver installations all over the globe for several years. While several have come close to a fully permitted install, the challenges and hurdles presented thru bureaucracy, red tape, tariffs and even fluctuating currency rates are all additional obstacles in the process. The Lake Michigan installation was integral in providing insight on the entire process from permitting, installation effects and how the modules would function in the Great Lakes environment. The impressive sand accumulation and tangible profiles gains noticed in front of the system in Lake Michigan, continue to be driving for many Great Lakes beach front home owners looking to protect their property.

Sandsaver near completely covered in Lake Michigan Great Lakes
Sandsavers near completely covered in Lake Michigan

The Sandsaver continues to be proven as an effective beach erosion solution. It’s ability to withstand Mother Nature’s rugged elements capitalizes on material and process innovations that are not afforded to previous coastal erosion protection devices and structures. Learn more about the where it all started on the beach for Sandsaver’s installation in Lake Michigan by clicking here.