Rebuilds Beach Naturally. 

More surf action, more sand content and more wave energy produces more results.  

The only beach erosion and protection innovation that exists to protect the beach and rebuild the beach via the beaches natural means of wave activity and energy.  More surf action coupled with sufficient sand content in the wave energy and activity will produce better results.  Build back better beaches with Sandsaver beach erosion barriers.

Sandsaver beach erosion barriers protecting and rebuilding beach in Africa

Natural Beach Renourishment

Natural wave activity carries localized sand content in the Sandsaver installation area thru the tapered openings. The beach side reduced opening makes it more difficult for the sand to escape with the retreating surf. This ability alone immediately separates Sandsaver from historically accepted previous methods such as groynes, jettys, coastal armoring, beach renourishment and other ever increasing methods that have never provided any longer term effectiveness.  As a matter of fact, depending on which coastal erosion expert you ask, you may hear that some believe certain historically accepted beach erosion remediation methods actually contribute to further beach erosion.  

Sandsaver Beach Erosion Barrier

Sandsaver beach erosion barrier breaking down wave energy

As the sand content travels thru the tapered openings of the beach erosion barriers, it washes on the coast, where the sand has time to settle as the surf searches for the least path of resistance to return back to the body of water and continue Mother Nature’s never ending cycle of wave activity.  As the sand accumulates eventually the modules will become completely covered in sand. 

Sandsavers Buried in Lake Michigan  Sandsaver beach erosion modules nearing complete coverage on Lake Michigan

Learn more about the Sandsaver beach erosion solution and the beaches it has saved!

Rotomolding durability

The Sandsaver can offer long term erosion protection thanks to the incredibly durable and rugged capabilities created by the rotational molding process.  Because the manufacturing process of the Sandsaver has no stresses introduced to the production cycle, the parts are virtually indestructible.  Rotational Molding is a plastics molding process that combines science and experience with “black art” as rotational molding is deceptively difficult and intricate to perform in comparison to most all other plastics molding processes.  Read more about rotomolding and the Sandsaver™ by clicking here!

Sandsavers nearing completely covered

Sandsavers nearing complete coverage


Sandsaver: A Natural Beach Erosion Solution

As coastal communities all across the World continue to look for viable, long term beach erosion solutions that provide a better return on investment than the historically accepted practice of beach dredging, or beach re-nourishment as it is sometimes called, the Sandsaver offers a long term option that provides a natural means of beach restoration with the necessity of fossil fuel burning hopper dredges that endanger aquatic life and fauna.  

Click on the Sandsaver Beach Erosion solution PDF below to download and learn more! 

Sandsaver Beach Erosion Solution Information
Sandsaver Beach Erosion Solution Information