Naturally Rebuilds Beaches

Let’s face it, historically, most commonly accepted methods such as beach renourishment, dredging, groynes, jettys, coastal armoring and various utilized attempts at preventing beach erosion or as some say “Mother Nature just doing her thing”- have failed.  Some more so than others.  Very few, if any have had any real long term success in actually rebuilding any beach, while preventing further erosion.  This is where Sandsaver acts like that young heavyweight named Mike from the Bronx in the 1980’s on wave action by reducing wave energy as the surf crashes against the face of the beach erosion barriers.  This combined with the reduced littoral drift of sand and the width profile increase of the beach, produces beach rebuilding results!

Beach Erosion Solution Before and After

Watch how the beach profile progresses with Sandsaver installed!


Natural Solution to beach and coastal erosion


A natural means of rebuilding beach pays spades in future returns for environmental gains and protecting nature for future generations to come.

By breaking down the wave energy, accumulating sand and rebuilding the beach via a natural process, Sandsaver makes the beach rebuilding process one to rest assured on.  Using the natural energy of the wave and the sand content of the wave, the Sandsavers are capable of allowing the transport of sand to the beach side of the modules, while allowing the sand time to settle while the water retreats back into the surf, finding the least path of resistance.  

How This Beach Erosion Solution Works
Sandsdaver: a Natural means of beach renourishment & protection

Sandsaver Installations

While young in means in relative use as a beach erosion solution innovation, Sandsaver has international acclaim and a wide body of water experience already second to none in comparison to many other attempted methods. Sandsaver’s installed beach-saving presence produced successful results on all coastal installations including the Gulf of Mexico, Indian Ocean and Lake Michigan.

Sandsavers being installed in the Gulf of Mexico
Sandsavers being installed on the Indian Ocean in Kenya

As demonstrated in the (2) images above, Sandsaver installations can be successfully achieved by means of either use of heavy equipment or complete manual labor, where heavy equipment use is limited.

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