Shore Parallel Wave Energy Break Down

Many have tried but nobody has ever had access to the combination of design minds, materials and innovations like the team at Granger Plastics Company to break Sandsaver to the fore front of beach erosion solutions.  Benefiting from the rotomolded construction and polyethylene exterior, Sandsaver’s ability to stand up to nature’s rigorous elements such as wave action, energy and UV rays in tropical climates while protecting and rebuilding coastal property is a phenomenal innovation!

Sandsaver Beach Erosion Barriers Breaking Down Wave Energy

Sandsaver modules breaking down wave energy on Lake Michigan

By initially breaking down the wave energy as the surf crashes against the Sandsaver modules allows for the slowed movement of sand attempting to escape in the surf.  Benefits in sand accretion to adjacent properties  where systems are installed seem to point to evidence of reduced littoral drift of sand, thus increasing width profile experiences at all installation locations so far.

Learn more details about how the Sandsaver natural beach erosion solution works and performs as a coastal erosion prevention structure! 
How This Beach Erosion Solution WorksHow Sandsaver Beach erosion solution works

High Surf, Low Surf- doesn’t matter!

15 plus foot tides in tropical climates near the Earth’s equator, at one of the most opulent resorts in the World or a slower, more laid back, low surf application for a private property owner- Sandsaver produces beach renourishment results! Sandsaver performs as a beach erosion solution and as a beach protection barrier that naturally rebuilds the beach.

See the Sandsaver beach erosion solution in action in a high surf environment during high tide!

The Sandsaver coastal erosion solution has been providing extremely positive results to one of the World’s most beautiful beaches on the Eastern Coast of Africa.  Learn more about the Sandsaver Indian Ocean Beach Erosion Solution installation here.  

You can learn more about Sandsaver and other coastal installations by visiting the beach erosion solution installs page here!