Low Surf? No Problem.

Sandsaver has been proven to be a viable coastal erosion re-nourishment structure in low surf environments.  With proven historical success on the Gulf of Mexico, the Sandsaver beach erosion solution was installed on a piece of property that had suffered long, historical erosion and beach had long seen its better days.  One property owner’s determined desire of having a beachfront paradise, insisted upon having Sandsaver to be installed as a coastal erosion prevention structure to protect the remaining beach from further erosion damage and for the units to rebuild the beach back to previous prominence of nature’s beauty.      

Because of the low surf nature in this particular intracoastal waterway application, where majority of the surf is driven by wind and to some degree boat traffic- the modules installation needed to be taken into special consideration .  Even during high tide, it’s only 6 inches or so in height on most occasions.  After about 10 weeks, all of the modules were at least 50% covered in sand.  See the before and “current” picture from Sandsaver’s Gulf of Mexico installation and see how even in the low tide environment, it is a viable long term beach erosion solution.    

Gulf of Mexico Beach Erosion Solution

Low Tide Beach Erosion Solution

In most low surf situations, many are initially looking to maintain whatever beach remains in most situations. Sandsaver’s mean of providing the additional benefit of rebuilding the beach naturally via the natural wave activity, energy and sand contents serves as the proverbial cherry on top. As crazy as 2020 has been all around the globe with pandemic hysteria and politics, it was only slightly mentioned in news headlines that homes fell into various bodies of water all across the globe as well in 2020. 

Lake Michigan Beach Home Falls into Lake Michigan

In the beginning of 2020, a number of homes along the Lake Michigan shoreline were running risk to falling from the bluff they were located on, down to the bottom of the bluff and possibly into Lake Michigan itself.  Rising water levels and continued decades of beach erosion issues have plagued the Lake Michigan coasts, now threatening homes, roads, water supply and so much more.  

In the video below, a home that was situated on Lake Michigan collapses due to increasing beach erosion on Lake Michigan.  The citizens of Michigan are learning that the expense of the increasing water levels continue to increase budgets and call for additional funding, while previous record rain fall combines with record high water levels to exacerbate an already bad situation.    Now looking at long term costs of remediation and possible prevention methods, Michigan looks to spend in excess of $100 million to provide some level of remedy to the beach erosion battle with Mother Nature.  With previous proven beach re-nourishment success on Lake Michigan, Sandsaver could have been utilized to prevent this home from collapsing and continued beach erosion causing further damage to the Lake Michigan shorelines.  

Video of collapsed home due to beach erosion on Lake Michigan


Homes along Wamberal Beach, Australia Collapsing due to Beach Erosion

In July of 2020 residents along Australia’s beautiful Wamberal Beach were evacuated as a stretch of more than 40 homes was being threatened to damage or destruction due to coastal erosion.  These multi-million dollar homes have been the subject of beach erosion protection discussions for some time, however, now the properties have had to be evacuated and all of the power, gas and water shut off to the homes. 

Video about homes at risk of falling into Ocean Wamberal Beach, Australia due to erosion

Many residents claim that the government has waited too late to take action, as many properties have been threatened after a destructive storm in 2016.  Wamberal Beach is another example of Government bureaucracy standing in the way of taking an actual measure to provide a real solution.  However, most likely, they will hire a “big money” consultant, who has most likely worked for them or some other related Big Government agency previously or one of their other “local counterparts” only to take exuberant amounts of consulting fees only to suggest doing essentially the same thing as previously, typically dredging or beach re-nourishment, only to expect a different result than what happened previously.   In just a few years, when the project fails, they will re-start the same process all over again!  

How Sandsaver Beach Erosion Solution Works

Sandsaver is a natural solution to beach erosion, working in 2 ways, by breaking down the wave energy as it comes to the coast and forcing the sand to travel thru the tapered holes of rotationally molded beach erosion barrier, forcing the sand further onto the beach and giving the sand time to settle while the surf attempts to find the least path of resistance and return into the tides.  

How the Sandsaver beach erosion solution works


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