Naturally solving beach erosion

Over the centuries of practicing various forms of beach protection and re-nourishment, different practices have been tried and accepted all over the world.  Some providing results more beneficial than others, while some potentially having long term negative impacts on local ecosystems and vegetation.  Sandsaver has proven to demonstrate no negative environmental impacts to the land, aquatic life or vegetation.  

Unlike other commonly accepted beach re-nourishment practices like beach dredging, Sandsaver minimizes the beach protection and rebuilding processes carbon footprint exposure but not requiring large, oil burning, fossil fuel consuming hopper bottom dredges that pose threats to animals, plants and water quality.  

Manufactured from polymer based, USDA/FDA approved materials suitable for food and medical contact, there’s no worries about toxic containment’s leeching into the water.  Because manpower and manual labor could install the Sandsaver units in limited access environments or due to lack of heavy equipment, it also reduces long term impact and environmental exposure to Carbon Dioxide emissions and more.   

See the sand coming both thru the tapered holes and over with the wave activity?

The non-existence of long term negative environmental impacts by Sandsaver in comparison to other traditionally accepted beach re-nourishment methods is a game changer for both environmental concerns, activists and coastal property owners. The long term effectiveness coupled with its natural solution to combat beach issues is a tremendous financial victory when compared to high priced, text book definition of insanity laden, beach dredging or beach re-nourishment operations, where sand is basically sucked from the bottom of the ocean or sea floor from one location and then pumped up to the beach at another location, every few years.

How this beach erosion solution works

Sandsaver performs by dual means. Breaking down the wave energy as the waves crash against the module instantly minimizes the erosion loss. The large tapered thru holes on the module allow the sand to settle on the surf side as the water carries them in its natural wave activity. The smaller opening on the beach side of the Sandsaver beach erosion barrier limits the sands ability to escape with the retreating surf, causing for accumulation of sand on both sides of the module. Sand accumulates around the properly placed Sandsaver units and you will have a nice, gentle sloping beach.

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Over 150′ in additional width in 6 months on the Indian Ocean in Africa! Naturally!