Beach Erosion Solution That Benefits Adjacent Properties

Historically, a major challenge to all permitted installations of coastal protection structures has always been the overall effects of how the protective structure effects neighboring adjacent properties.  With most all beach erosion mitigation devices such as groynes and jettys, adjacent properties typically experience sand loss, thus developing immediate issues between neighboring property owners.

Unlike other coastal protection devices, the Sandsaver system has been proven to accrete sand at adjacent neighboring properties.  In the Lake Michigan Sandsaver installation, the third party engineering firm was quick and early to note that the “unambigously positive results” of Sandsaver’s Lake Michigan installation and how it did not negatively effect adjacent properties.  In fact, the report states that the “Sandsaver design does not generate adjacent negative impacts associated with shore-normal and impermeable structures.  The Sandsaver modules’ permeability and placement in a shore-parallel orientation demonstrated no negative impacts to adjacent stretches of beach”.

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Positive Effects on Adjacent Coastal Properties: Indian Ocean

One of the first realizations after installing the Sandsaver beach erosion barriers on the Indian Ocean coastline was how quickly the system was accumulating sand.  The larger surf and increased sand content made for the production of noticeable results relatively easy as inches of height disappeared very quickly in the beginning as sand accumulated on the beach side of the modules.  Much like experienced in Lake Michigan, the Indian Ocean installation also showed early signs of sand accumulation on both stretches of adjacent properties.

Sand Accumulation Along Beach

Notice the increasing width profile of the beach at the installation and further down the coast after Sandsaver’s installation.

In the picture above you can see the sand accumulation at the installation location, as well as a significant amount of continued sand accumulation looking southward on the beach.   The sand accumulation is actually more generous to the north of the installation as you can see in the image below.

Sand accumulation on adjacent beach property

Sand accumulation to north and at Sandsaver installation location on Indian Ocean

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