Long term beach erosion solution


The perfect marriage of long term durability and long term effectiveness lies in Sandsaver’s combination of durable polymer-based rotomolded construction that encapsulates the heavy weight, concrete fill.  This perfect harmony of rugged, non-bio degrading outer layers that protect the porous nature of the concrete  is a match made by Sandsaver’s innovative design and features.    

Sandsaver now been installed in multiple different bodies of water scenarios including the Gulf of Mexico, Indian Ocean and Lake Michigan.  With all 3 installations proving effective while the Sandsaver beach erosion solution modules were installed, the Sandsaver has proven itself effective as a viable proven coastal erosion solution in different extreme surf environments.  Learn more about each of the beaches saved in the Sandsaver beach erosion solution installation scenario links below:

Sandsavers being installed in Gulf of Mexico
Sandsaver beach erosion solution being installed


How Sandsaver Works

Sandsaver performs dual purpose by working in 2 ways.  The modules break down the wave’s energy as it crashes against the barriers, re-directing the energy of the wave and causing the sand to much different in comparison to beaches not protected by the beach erosion solution devices.  With the energy of the wave shocked, the surf carries water containing sand and sediment thru the larger opening of the coastal protection structures where its travel is sped up by the tapered thru holes, as the water, sand and sediment mixture settles on the beach side of the module.   The sand accumulation continues to settle on both sides of the installation chain of modules, eventually building a nice gentle slope of additional beach, both in sand accretion and beach width profile accumulation.  

Learn more about how Sandsaver works and its innovative features that allow it to be one of the only effective long term, natural solutions to beach erosion. 

Learn how the Sandsaver™ performs in 2 ways by working in 2 ways!